Spend Your Time On More Important Things

Save SPACE, Save TIME, Save the TRIP

This isn't SELF-Storage...It's SMART Storage

Spend Your Time On More Important Things

Save SPACE, Save TIME, Save the TRIP

Simple, Secure & Convenient.

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How StowEdge Works

Order FREE BINS online and we drop them off

You PACK your items into our bins

We PICKUP and STORE your bins and other items

We BRING YOUR BINS AND OTHER ITEMS BACK whenever you need them

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Our Features


Our ultra secure warehouse has all the bells and whistles. It's access controlled, has cameras and alarms. On top of that it's air-conditioned!


Never visit a self-storage facility again. We pick up the packed bins and other items for FREE. We also bring items back when you need them

Cost Savings

Forget trying to guess how much space you need. With Stowedge you only pay for the space you use and most of our customers have cut their storage costs

Online Inventory

See exactly what you have in storage. Users can add descriptions and upload photos of each item they have stored


Forget buying expensive flimsy boxes to store your items. We provide as many durable plastic bins as you need


We place serialized, tamper proof seals on your bins and lock them closed to ensure privacy. Only you have access

Why StowEDGE Bins


We will deliver as many free bins as you need to store your personal items

High Capacity

StowEdge bins hold almost 3.5 cubic feet of stuff. Thats room for 12 pairs of shoes or 30 shirts and 10 sweaters

Water Resistant

Our bins are high grade plastic and have interlocking lids to protect your items from the elements


Never use cardboard boxes again! StowEdge bins will protect your items and never fall apart


Once sealed with our privacy labels and locked shut, only you will know whats in your bins


Our bins will protect your items like nothing else. Everything will look exactly like they did when you packed

Add your own photos and descriptions to each bin you store. Knowing which bins to have redelivered has never been easier

Some of Our Storage Plans. Check Out Our NEW Summer Pricing!

Pickup is FREE, Delivery is $25.00

StowEdge Bin

StowEdge Bin


$6 /mo

Min 1 Month




$10 /mo

Min 1 Month

10 Bin Package

10 Bin Package

5% Discount Off Individual Bin Pricing 

$57 /mo

Min 3 Months

5x5 Unit Plan

5x5 Unit Plan

About 125 Cu. Ft. 

$56 /mo

Min 3 Months

Call us if you have trouble finding the right plan. We're happy to help!

You Should Expect More From StowEdge Company

Free Pickup
Free Bins
Returns on Demand
Photo Inventory
Pay for Exactly the space you need


Our most frequently asked questions.

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QCan I store items that don't fit in a bin?


StowEdge enables you to manage your account any-time and anywhere. Add descriptions and upload photos to help you manage your items in storage.

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StowEdge is the new revolution in self storage. We pick up, store and re-deliver your belongings whenever you need them, effectively eliminating the need for traditional self storage. We help you organize your life and keep tabs on your stuff, all from the convenience of your smartphone or computer.

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